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Cream is an irregularly appearing newsletter devoted to criticism and
theory around art in media networks, predominantly the internet. Cream
could be short for Collaborative Research into Electronic Art Memes, yet
the name Cream is most of all a reaction to the limited cultural menu
offered by a dominant european techno-political new media criticism.
Cream resists the notion that art on the net is a political tool and
that its value is defined by the purpose it serves. Art in computer
networks is more then subversive or politically useful. To stand up
against what I call this 'bread and water art politics' we offer
something extra: Cream. Not wine to make you drunk, not butter to keep
you modest. One should be able to indulge. Cream would like to show art
can be enjoyable, subversive, ecstatic, poetic and/or rational. 

Writers for Cream are interested in developing a criticism that is
appropriate to use for art that is both created for and defined by
technology today. We feel that regular art criticism as well as media
theory are not enough to judge this work when applied separately. What
we are looking for might be a hybrid form of thought, a criticism which
has the material and cultural insight from media art (and media theory)
and the wealth and limitless generosity of art theory. 

Josephine Bosma