Lubljana Interview with Heath Bunting

June, 1997

So is hot this year [1997], and the net.artists have mixed feelings about it. In Lubljana the part of the program dedicated to it was not satisfying the curiousity that the thread on Nettime had evoked. What it is or isn't is not the main question at the moment and it probably never was. There are other things at play, which unfortunately were not spoken out loud at the conference. This of course is the choice of anyone involved. When you read this interview however, I think you will see just like I have, how more openness could have made the 'secret' part of the conference, the part where the members of Nettime discussed Nettime's future, even more interesting. Is the list too big? Is it turning into a political platform? Will art-postings be barred from Nettime? Is Geert Lovink secretly an artist? These were some of the questions that came to my mind while typing this out.

The interview was made Tuesday the 27th of May, on the balcony of Kud, one of the Nettime conference meeting places in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Diana McCarthy, Vuk Cosic and others were working somewhere in the building on the last of the conference work, Luka Frelih, who had been running around for all kinds of practical things like guiding guests and arranging technical stuff was getting some well deserved sleep, Geert Lovink, Pit Schulz, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Critical Art Ensemble, Konrad Becker, Marie Ringler and Linda Wallace left that morning for Venice to do a press conference and the dutch delegation was to leave the next morning in an early summer cloudburst.


Interview with Jodi


Dirk Paesmans en Joan Heemskerk collaborate as Jodi since 1995. They were interviewed at the 'secret' conference on, organised by Heath Bunting, in the Backspace gallery, London, in January 1997.

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