Early work

Work written before 2000.

How to Experience Net.Art

September, 1999

Experimental text. Rewrite of an essay/lecture by the Dutch poet Komrij, originally: how to read poetry. Everywhere where Komrij wrote ‘poetry’ I replaced it by ‘net.art’, and where he wrote ‘poem’ I changed it to net.artwork. The text was and is meant to make people see net artworks individually rather than from general assumptions about what net art is. Like Komrij's text, this re-write has no paragraphs. The picture with the quote by Vuk Cosic does not belong to this text, but seems to breath the same spirit.

Independent net.art: discussion in Ljubljana

July, 1997

Transcription of informal discussion and semi-interview between Alexei Shulgin, Joan Heemskerk, Dirk Paesmans and me, made one evening after the Beauty and the East Nettime conference in 1997. It focuses on the need for independent servers and artist domains online.




Waves in the Web

May, 1997

Radio on the Internet did not start with the immersion of RealAudio. It was there long before. To make a good judgement of what radio is in the age of digital media, the traditional concept of radio has to be overthrown completely.


How Mr Net.Art Was Elected: the jury proceedings

January, 1998

The Mr Net.Art contest was a tongue in cheeck comment on the social environment of net.art in the mid nineties. The idea was to create a competition in which the true focus really was the all female jury. The title Mr Net.Art was ultimately won, after much debate in the jury, by a piece of software, namely Webstalker by the artist group I/O/D.



Is it a commercial? Noooo... Is it spam? Nooo... It is Net Art!

July, 1998

The most annoying discussion surrounding net art is the one that questions whether or not net art is truly a new artform. Some critics still deny the existence of this new art form within the communication networks. Net art should be given some definition and positioned in relation to offline culture.




Olia Lialina: Clean Your Screen

December, 1998


Short review of a work by Russian artist Olia Lialina, written for a special work in her online art gallery.

Workshop Report: Radio & Internet

March, 1997



Rr:radio conversation - email exchange with Tetsuo Kogawa

February, 1998

Rr:radio conversation

Someone forwarded an email of mine to Tetsuo Kogawa, here is an edit of our email exchange that followed.


Josephine: >Tetsuo Kogawa got the excellent idea to build chains of these small transmitters, to still be able to broadcast in the entire city. These transmitters do not reach further then about 100 meters, so global domination with a single mini fm station in large areas is rather difficult.<


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