Independent discussion in Ljubljana

July, 1997

Transcription of informal discussion and semi-interview between Alexei Shulgin, Joan Heemskerk, Dirk Paesmans and me, made one evening after the Beauty and the East Nettime conference in 1997. It focuses on the need for independent servers and artist domains online.




Waves in the Web

May, 1997

Radio on the Internet did not start with the immersion of RealAudio. It was there long before. To make a good judgement of what radio is in the age of digital media, the traditional concept of radio has to be overthrown completely.


How Mr Net.Art Was Elected: the jury proceedings

January, 1998

The Mr Net.Art contest was a tongue in cheeck comment on the social environment of in the mid nineties. The idea was to create a competition in which the true focus really was the all female jury. The title Mr Net.Art was ultimately won, after much debate in the jury, by a piece of software, namely Webstalker by the artist group I/O/D.



Is it a commercial? Noooo... Is it spam? Nooo... It is Net Art!

July, 1998

The most annoying discussion surrounding net art is the one that questions whether or not net art is truly a new artform. Some critics still deny the existence of this new art form within the communication networks. Net art should be given some definition and positioned in relation to offline culture.




Olia Lialina: Clean Your Screen

December, 1998


Short review of a work by Russian artist Olia Lialina, written for a special work in her online art gallery.

From to and back again - rediscovering and enlarging the entire radio spectrum

August, 1998

Published in Ars Electronica Catalogue 'Infowar'

infowar ars electronica

Interview with Heidi Grundmann

July, 1997


This is an interview with Heidi Grundmann, the woman behind ORF Kunstradio, one of the first main Internet radio experimentators in Europe. The interview was made in Ljubljana, during the nettime meeting 'Beauty and the East'. It also has interesting connections to the discussions. What I particularly like is what Heidi Grundmann says towards the end of this interview, when I ask her how she experienced her transition from visual arts to audio/radio art. The early seventies with its extreme conceptual art, which was so rudely swept aside by early eighties primitivism and expressionism, with its dematerialised art seems to have connected more smoothly then ever between different media and specificly electronic/invisible media and the arts. There is no real seperate media then of course, but all art(de-)material. But this is my very personally stimulating discovery of missing links, to expand my thoughts.

Workshop Report: Radio & Internet

March, 1997



Rr:radio conversation - email exchange with Tetsuo Kogawa

February, 1998

Rr:radio conversation

Someone forwarded an email of mine to Tetsuo Kogawa, here is an edit of our email exchange that followed.


Josephine: >Tetsuo Kogawa got the excellent idea to build chains of these small transmitters, to still be able to broadcast in the entire city. These transmitters do not reach further then about 100 meters, so global domination with a single mini fm station in large areas is rather difficult.<


Lubljana Interview with Heath Bunting

June, 1997

So is hot this year [1997], and the net.artists have mixed feelings about it. In Lubljana the part of the program dedicated to it was not satisfying the curiousity that the thread on Nettime had evoked. What it is or isn't is not the main question at the moment and it probably never was. There are other things at play, which unfortunately were not spoken out loud at the conference. This of course is the choice of anyone involved. When you read this interview however, I think you will see just like I have, how more openness could have made the 'secret' part of the conference, the part where the members of Nettime discussed Nettime's future, even more interesting. Is the list too big? Is it turning into a political platform? Will art-postings be barred from Nettime? Is Geert Lovink secretly an artist? These were some of the questions that came to my mind while typing this out.

The interview was made Tuesday the 27th of May, on the balcony of Kud, one of the Nettime conference meeting places in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Diana McCarthy, Vuk Cosic and others were working somewhere in the building on the last of the conference work, Luka Frelih, who had been running around for all kinds of practical things like guiding guests and arranging technical stuff was getting some well deserved sleep, Geert Lovink, Pit Schulz, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Critical Art Ensemble, Konrad Becker, Marie Ringler and Linda Wallace left that morning for Venice to do a press conference and the dutch delegation was to leave the next morning in an early summer cloudburst.


Interview with Jodi


Dirk Paesmans en Joan Heemskerk collaborate as Jodi since 1995. They were interviewed at the 'secret' conference on, organised by Heath Bunting, in the Backspace gallery, London, in January 1997.

No Ego: Thoughts on preserving the exchanges between artist and audience

May, 2004

This text was originally written for the symposium '404 Object Not Found' on preserving new media art, organized by Hartware in Dortmund, Germany, 19-22nd of June 2003. It was later modified a little and has appeared in edited form in the Belgian art magazine 'A Priori' in autumn 2004. This text is actually still in development, or at least its topic and line of thinking is. |Intro: translation, art as conceptual space and art as experience

Constructing Media Spaces - The novelty of net(worked) art was and is all about access and engagement

January, 2005

This text combines two thoughts: what new art practices did the internet 'spawn' and how did these art practices deal with public space? It appeared in the book and on the website of, an extensive archive on media art supported by the ZKM in Karlsruhe. Due to transition from Word file to HTML document the footnotes are missing in the text. This will hopefully be corrected in the near future.

Some thoughts on art

NET ART: BUILDING SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING Self Education, Collaboration and Networking

June, 2005

Chapter from the book aRt&D, Research and Development in Art, published by V2_NAi in Rotterdam in 2005. The text gives a rough introduction to the development of net art, pre- and post-: the issues artists on the internet had to deal with and the context they worked in. Due to transferring the text from Word file to HTML document the footnotes are missing. 


Art as Experience: Meet the Active Audience part 2

December, 2006

Slightly refined version of the thoughts expressed in No Ego. This essay appeared in the book Network Art, ed. Tom Corby, Routledge, 2006. Second part.

Art as Experience: Meet the Active Audience part 1

December, 2006

Slightly refined version of the thoughts expressed in No Ego. This essay appeared in the book Network Art, ed. Tom Corby, Routledge, 2006. First part.

Voice and Code

June, 2006

This text was presented as a paper at ISEA06, San Jose CA. It appeared in the ISEA issue of Intelligent Agent. It is a thought experiment about the connection between human voice and computer code.                                                                                       


                             Lungs (2005) by Graham Harwood and Matsuko Yokokoji (YoHa)

Kunst tussen Taal en Teken: Jodi

Enigzins impressionistische tekst over het werk van Jodi, het kunstenaarsduo Joan Heemskerk en Dirk Paesmans. Het is geschreven voor het literaire tijdschrift De Gids. De tekst dient oa als introductie voor het werk van Jodi die in de herfst van 2005 een expositie zullen hebben in Montevideo te Amsterdam.



Dutch, slightly impressionist text about the artist duo Jodi, written for the literary magazine De Gids. It also serves as an introduction to the work of these artists who will have a major exhibition in Montevideo (Amsterdam) autumn 2005.


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