Fall 2017

After following the development of art and culture in the context of the Internet since 1993 I am still fascinated: there seems to be no end to the sometimes surprising transformations in art and art criticism in this ever expanding field. The boundaries between media art and contemporary art, if they ever existed, are dissolving. Let's enjoy this moment together.


            Ars Electronica, Linz, performance shot of The World in 24 Hours (1982) by Robert Adrian X et al.

2017 has brought some new perspectives and more developments in the recognition of science and technology as major influences in art and culture. There is a growing interest in the history of art, science and technology on the one hand, while the interest for art involving new technologies keeps gaining momentum on the other. My work as advisor for Rhizome's Net Art Anthology has made me re-visit some works from the past. Getting Automatic Rain, a small work by JODI from 1995, restored brought some challenges around migration and emulation of software to the light. A much bigger challenge however was (and is) reviving one of the earliest network performances ever. Since the beginning of this year I am doing research into a possible re-enactment of The World in 24 Hours by Robert Adrian X. It is a vast research project involving interviews with all participants of the 12 nodes in the network from 1982 and an investigation of possible re-enactment strategies, involving a new generation of artists and various alternative network practices. For the latter I have given a presentation at the Dutch hackercamp SHA2017 and I am preparing a revised version of this presentation for Radical Networks in New York this October. I received the necessary and most welcome funding from the Stimuleringsfonds voor Creatieve Industrie. The project will continue well into 2018, as we may or may not realize a re-enactment at Ars Electronica next year. Given the huge difference in technological and cultural context between 1982 and 2018 this is not a given. Expect some writing from me about this topic the coming months. Besides this fascinating work I am also still acting as advisor, juror and moderator at various events. I compiled the symposium for GOGBOT 2017 and proved it is possible to find amazing female speakers for tech events. Professor Dynamics Amina Helmi from the university of Groningen, detector engineer Liz George from ESA and artist Daniela de Paulis gave interesting presentations, next to philosopher, 'denker des vaderlands', René ten Bos. More recently I moderated the Feedback symposium at West in The Hague, about media theorist Marshall McLuhan, together with artist and curator Baruch Gottlieb. I also recently started as an advisor for a wonderful new project by LIMA with the working title Dutch Digital Art Canon. More big news for next year will come up soon.