End of 2015, beginning of 2016


 Image from The Possibility of an Army by Constant Dullaart (2015)   &  The Weise 7 Book (2012)

The year 2016 approaches fast and it is time to post another update. 2015 has been quite intense and busy. In the pictures above you see work of the two winners of the Prix Net Art 2015, Constant Dullaart and Weise 7, for which I was one of the jurors together with curators Domenico Quaranta and Chrissie Iles. You can read the jury report here. Earlier in the year I was also on the jury of the Blink Youngblood Award, a prize for best work in the selection of graduation works by art students. The other jury members Gerben Willers and Vanessa Evers and me decided on the work of Nono Groenen, a graduate of Artez Enschede. In the summer I went to the CCC hacker camp, where the plan was born to have an art village in the next Dutch hacker camp SHA in 2017. Keep an eye out for the call for participation for this village, which should appear sometime next year. As for the next few months: it looks like I will take part in a mini-conference on value creation during the Entropical exhibition by Debra Solomon and Jaromil Rojo at Zone2Source in February. Other activities are on the way but still need to be confirmed. I will keep you posted!