Summer and Fall 2015


         From Google Images series by Artyom Kocharyan, graduate Piet Zwart Media Design 2015


It is graduation time at the moment I am writing this, and it is great to see that despite the crisis and funding cuts so many young people still have the guts to become artists. I have seen a few very promising ones over the past days! Next up is the summer break. You will (if all goes well) find me at the Chaos Community Camp, a hacker camp in the countryside near Berlin, in August. As always there will be workshops, talks and meeting old and new friends. Right after that, on Sunday August 23rd, I will be moderating artist talks at the SMBA exhibition Algorithmic Rubbish: Daring to Defy Misfortune. I will be talking with Constant Dullaart, Femke Herregraven and artist collective Template. In the meantime I have been asked to be on the jury of the Prix Net Art 2015, a generous art award initiated by the New York based art initiative Rhizome, Chronus Art Center and Tsinghua Art and Science Media Laboratory. You can nominate artists for this prize until August 17th! The winner will be announced in November.