Zine Fiends: Zinecamp at WORM May 2014

In the weekend of May 24-25 2014 a gathering of zine makers and zine lovers happened at WORM, the 'institute for avantgarde recreation' in Rotterdam. I dropped in to make a simple photo report.


                      Overview of the Zinecamp space.


                      A wide variety of Zines hang from cords above the WORM cinema seats.



                                       Zine makers travelled from far to share their work.




                         Some zines referred to a sort of 'post-digital' condition. The pink color is from the light.



                         Organizer Florian Cramer also produced a handmade zine, binding it with a sewing machine.



                         More zines, clipped to a board this time.



                         Zines need not be bound in paper. Here's one stuck to a broken skateboard.



                                         Young zine maker at work.



                                         Mysterious machine.



                                         Paper press.



                                         Working with copy machines.



                         Messy tables.



                         View from the cinema/reading seats.